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Study in Adelaide 



Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.  It is a cosmopolitan city with a population of 1.05 million people, 70% of the total population of South Australia.  Adelaide enjoys one of the highest standards of living anywhere in the world with great lifestyle.  There is comfort and convenience and a low cost of living which make it possible for students to enjoy life to the full.  It is a special place to live and study. 




Adelaide has a mild Mediterranean climate.  Our abundance of sunshine means warm, dry summers averaging 29C and mild winters averaging 15C.  The average yearly rainfall is around 529 millimeters.  This makes Adelaide a very pleasant place to live. 




Acelin Institute of Business can arrange home stay and student residence or assist in providing information about private house/flat rental.


Home stay provides students with the opportunity to live with an Australian family.  It costs about $230 per week, including a separate bedroom, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Student residences normally have facilities such as common room, laundry, kitchen, shower facilities, common TV room and indoor/outdoor recreation facilities.  Student residence costs vary from $160 to 240 per person per week.  


Costs for private rental vary considerably depending on size, quality and location.  A three-bedroom house in Adelaide will normally cost $340 a week in rent and a two-bedroom apartment in Adelaide normally $280 a week.  Renting normally requires you to sign a contract for 6 or 12 months and you will be required to pay a refundable bond and one month¨s rent in advance. 


Living Costs


Adelaide is one of Australia¨s most affordable capital cities.  It is less expensive than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  Internationally, it is hugely more cost-effective than cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo. 


Food costs average $120 per week if students prepare their own meals.  There are also plenty cafes and restaurants.  A main real ranges from $17 at a caf└ to $35 at a restaurant.


Students should be prepared to set aside $20 C 30 per week for electricity and gas, $20-30 per week for telephone and postage and $30 C 50 per week for others such as entertainment and clothes etc.




Public transport system is well developed.  There are free City Loop buses running in the CBD area.  Public buses, trains and trams run from city to different suburbs.  A 10-trip bus/train ticket for student costs about $29. 

















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