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China Business Centre (CBC)




Are you interested in doing business with China?


Are you already doing business with China but you want some support?


China is one of Australia¨s major trading partners and the two economies have become closely linked. The demand for each other¨s resources and products has been strong and will continue to grow. More and more Australian companies are doing business with China to take on the opportunities. However, although China is a large and attractive market, it is also a very difficult and risky one. Managing China business requires specialised knowledge and skills. The lack of understanding and the perceived difficulties and risks, in the meantime, have turned away some Australian organisations from doing business with China or from expanding their China business operations.


In response to this demand, CBC at Acelin offers a range of China business services to support Australian organisations and companies.


China Business Services


CBC provides the following consultancy and business facilitation services in relation to China business:


  • China business information
  • China business facilitation
  • China business consultancy
  • Translation and interpretation (NAATI Level 3)
  • Regular seminars
  • Expatriate manager pre-departure training                      
  • China business matching


Business Matching


CBC provides a platform for business matching between Australia and China through the following two functions:

1)       Face-to-face networking gatherings

2)    Established database of an extensive network. 

Strategic Partnership


Acelin is also interested in forming strategic partnership with companies, in particular, small and medium-sized companies who are keen to explore China market. Acelin will work side by side with these companies, acting as their ^China Business Department ̄. 


The advantages of this include that each party will focus on what they do best, resources are fully utilised and the risks can be minimised.  


Acelin is interested in discussions with the companies to explore such collaboration.
















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