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Acelin Institute of Business (Acelin) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia (National Code: 40391). It offers a range of management and business programs.


It was created to address the educational opportunities and challenges emerging from the continuously growing significance of China to Australia in education, business and trade. To facilitate its Greater China Region focus, Acelin has already established a branch in Taiwan with China to follow. 


The senior management group of Acelin comprises individuals who have extensive experience in international education at the highest tertiary levels including in excess of 12 years of direct involvement in the Greater China Region. Acelin has an international network of highly credentialed academic staff from Australia and the Greater China region committed to its objectives and ideals. Acelin¨s support staff members have also been selected according to their cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity.





Acelin will be a respected Registered Training Organisation in professional business and management education and training acknowledged nationally and internationally for the quality and relevance of its educational and related services in the Australia - Greater China context.





Establish Acelin as a respected business institution providing relevant, high quality education and training with a focus on Australian - Chinese relations.


Provide valued business and management award programs with relevant content in a culturally rich environment with client centered approaches.


Provide professional development programs that specifically address China business and that are variously relevant to the different levels of management from small entrepreneurs to Chief Executive Officers of large corporates.


Provide a broad array of consulting and facilitation services directed to the promotion of Australia - China understanding and business relationships.



Core Activities


Acelin has five core areas of operations:


         Conducting nationally recognised award programs in Australia and overseas

         Working collaboratively with other universities and institutions to offer their award programs overseas

         Providing non-award professional development programs

         Conducting Business Chinese

         Providing China Business Centre (CBC) services. 














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Acelin Institute of Business